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A residence permit may be issued for a limited period of validity and specific purpose, or permanently without specification of purpose. Limitations with respect to the period of validity and purpose are therefore possible solely in the case of a temporary residence permit. In the case of a permanent residence permit no limitations as to the period of validity and purpose of residence apply. The first residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia is granted as a temporary residence permit which aliens must obtain before entering the country.

Procedure for obtaining a residence permit

The application for a temporary residence permit is submitted to the diplomatic-consular mission of the Republic of Slovenia abroad or to the competent authority of the Republic of Slovenia if the law so provides. The application for a permanent residence permit is submitted to the administrative unit in the area of residence of an alien, which examines the required proofs and documents and decides whether to issue the permit or not. If granted, the permit is sent back to the Embassy or Consulate where it is issued to the applicant.

The conditions for the acquisition of a first residence permit are the following:

-           valid passport (whose expiry date exceeds the intended period of stay in the Republic of Slovenia by at least three months);

-           appropriate health insurance;

-           sufficient means of subsistence (at least in the amount of the basic amount of minimum monthly income in the Republic of Slovenia which is 300 EUR);

-           fulfilment of one of the reasons or purposes for which the temporary residence permit may be issued (employment or work, studies, etc).

Please note the procedure may take some time, the usual processing time is about three months. Actual processing time depends on the workload of the Embassy/Consulate and/or Administrative Unit and on the quality of submitted proofs and documents.

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Changes in application procedure for residence permit

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tokyo informs that as of 18 May 2011 new regulations regarding the issuing of the residence permits are in force. The new residence permit is issued in the form of a card that contains a digital copy of the holder’s photograph and fingerprint - biometric residence permit.

In accordance with the new regulations the applicant should, besides the required documentation, also submit his/her fingerprints, with exception of children under 6 years of age, and those applicants who are unable to give fingerprints due to medical reasons.

Integration into Slovene society

Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia has issued a publication titled Integration into Slovene Society. The publication includes information for foreigners on living and working in Slovenia, the Slovenian education system, health and social insurance in Slovenia as well as basic facts about the country.

The information is available on the following web page: